ego depletion

Replication crisis

In 2016, a large, multi-lab (k = 23, N = 2141) replication trial was undertaken. It failed to demonstrate any effect of ego depletion (Hagger et al., 2016). Baumeister, the originator of the concept of ego depletion, objected to the results, arguing that the task used was not suited to demonstrating ego depletion (Baumeister & Vohs, 2016). His objections seem to be valid. Baumeister announced that he would conduct another large-scale replication trial, with a test protocol that more closely matched those used in ordinary studies of ego depletion, but (to my knowledge) he has not yet done so, though others have undertaken this task.

A large (k=12, N = 1775) study published in 2021 successfully replicated a study showing an effect from ego depletion (Dang et al., 2021).

Another large (k=36, N = 3531) study found no ego depletion effect with the pre-registered analyses (Vohs et al., 2021).

Preventing ego depletion

Ahrens suggests that ego depletion can be reduced, in the context of knowledge work, by using a note-taking system (Luhmann's zettelkasten, in this case) that prescribes how notes should be taken, which is the same in every case (Ahrens, 2017, 9.6).


A 2011 study comparing younger participants (<25 years) to older (40-65 years) found that the younger group showed ego depletion effects, but the older did not (Dahm et al., 2011).


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