Type Comic
Date 2017
Pages 59
Tags manga, oneshot, monster girl, medusa

Ishi ni Usubeni, Tetsu ni Hoshi (Link)

  • A Pink Heart Inside Stone, and a Shining Star Inside Steel
  • Rose in Rock, Star in Steel
  • 石に薄紅、鉄に星

Because his father was fascinated by magical creatures, Gath has developed an immunity to their poisons and magical attacks.

Gath finds a young medusa girl, abandoned by her mother, and decides to (illegally) take her in. He reasons that perhaps if she were made less ugly, her petrifying gaze may cease to be effective.


It's true! And so he returns her to her mother, who left her behind because even she, a medusa herself, could not look on her daughter without turning to stone, but who still returned on each night of the new moon to care for her daughter.

Name Role
Endou Tatsuya Author / Illustrator