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Like Skyscrapers Blotting Out The Sun (Link)

  • v2.2: 2022-12-13


This is a game about a Writer and a Translator who have every reason to be the dearest of friends, most vicious of enemies, or even both. Writer left their home under great duress, bound for a foreign land; Translator, out of pity and admiration, supported them in their time of need. Now, Writer is working on their magnum opus; Translator is appending their lines with footnotes to relay its deeper meaningsโ€ฆ or so they think. Perhaps Writer disagrees. Perhaps Translator knows them better than they know themself.

The two are set on an inevitable collision course:
like armies marching grimly in their battle lines;
like hands reaching elbows in jocular embrace;
like skyscrapers blotting out the sun.

Name Role
Speak the Sky Author