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Date 2023-03-30
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HopeSworn (Link)


I am Jess, and I like tabletop RPG games. I also like Magical Girls. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a game that melded both, so I decided to make one!

HOPESWORN is an Urban Fantasy hack for Ironsworn. It puts you on the shoes of a Magical Girl who is alone and must protect her city from the forces of the Void. It focuses on making friends and bonds with others, Fighting the Void, and dealing with your grief over the deaths of your teammates. Over everything, it's about choosing to keep hoping when the situation looks bleak.

The game is a mix of 60% Madoka Magica, 20% 90's anime Sailor Moon, 20% Manga Sailor Moon, and a sprinkle of Yuki Yuna is a hero. I have stolen mechanics from Monsterhearts and Masks, a New Generation, since I felt they meshed with the setting well and I found them useful.


  • A Modified Bonds Mechanic: Now you must Deepen Your Bond before you are truly close with someone. Who knows? If your Bond is deep enough, maybe they will awaken as Magical Girls and fight with you.
  • New Strings Mechanic: For when you have a favor or a secret to hold over the heads of different NPC
  • Fourteen Different Archetypes to build your favorite magical girl
  • 5 Roles to specialize to fight the Void Forces

This game is barely in alpha. I started developing on January 29, so editing is minimal, moves are missing (but you are able to infer what they do) and in general is a bit of a mess. Therefore, I welcome any and all feedback to make this game better.

Thank you for trying my game!

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