Type Book
Date 2023-07-15
Pages 19
Tags solo rpg, journaling game, rpg manual

Get Isekai'd, Idiot! - DEMO version! (Link)


"Get Isekai'd, Idiot!" (non derogatory) is a solo journaling RPG game where you create a main character and, via a series of prompts, youjournaltheir adventure through your custom "Isekai" story!

An "Isekai" is a genre of anime stories in which the main character is transported or reincarnated from their own world into a completely different one, often gaining special abilities in the process.

Using a set of dice, and with the help of rolling tables and other materials, you can create your main character, acquire a new power, explore the customs of a new world, and complete the main quest to defeat the antagonist. After all is done, you get to decide whether you want to go back home, or stay in this new universe.

"Get Isekai'd, Idiot" is a family-friendly game that pays tribute to the popular anime genre, as well as adjacent tropes, with a good pinch of humor and self-awareness. It is designed with flexibility, customization and ease of access in mind, to make sure that everyone can play and enjoy their own story!

The game is highly replayable, with different types of story branches the player can choose from, or roll to decide!

Name Role
M. G. Patiño Author