Type Book
Date 2018-07-31
Pages 272

So I'm a Spider, So What?, Vol. 3

So I'm a Spider, So What?

In this volume, the protagonist is determined to finally escape from the Great Elroe Labyrinth. So, she fights through the Middle Stratum, defeating a fire dragon along the way.

Before she is able to return to the Upper Stratum, she is accosted by an administrator–something like a god, apparently. He tries to speak with her, but she cannot, of course, understand this world's language. Then, unexpectedly, a cell phone pops into existence and begins speaking to both of them, apparently convincing the administrator to leave. The voice on the other end is Administrator D, who has been observing the protagonist–for entertainment. D proclaims that she is the "world's most evil god", and encourages the protagonist to continue amusing her.

At the end, the protagonist defeats the earth dragon Araba before finally going outside for the first time in this life.

In the 'future' chapters, Shun's life gets a whole lot worse. Hugo has developed some form of mind control and taken over the country and the church. Sue kills the king and pins the blame on Shun, and even Katia has been corrupted–though she manages, at last, to overcome it.

So now Shun, Katia, Fei, Anna, and Hyrince are on the run, wanted for patricide, regicide, and annoying Hugo. Sue is at Hugo's side–though maybe she wasn't really brainwashed? There's a chapter that implies she wasn't, but it doesn't name any names, so it could be a false lead.

This volume corresponds to Chapter 23-2 through Chapter 38-2 of the manga.

Name Role
Jenny McKeon Translator
Okina Baba Author
Tsukasa Kiryu Illustrator
Yen Press Publisher