Type Comic
Date 1984-02-09
Tags fiction

The Judas Contract: Book One - The Eyes of Tara Markov!

Tales of the Teen Titans #42 (1984-05-01)

There's a scene in this with Victor lifting a weight, trying to exceed his own limitations, despite the others' misgivings. This scene was adapted in the 2003 animated series, though revesed--Cyborg insisted he could not give more than 100%, while the other Titans encouraged him to try harder.

Tara's relationship with Deathstroke is here revealed. I wonder, did this pass by without note, in 1984? The comic doesn't spend any time contemplating the fact that Deathstroke entered into a sexual relationship with a fifteen-year-old in order to beat the Titans, and in a few issues, the narration will definitively lay all the blame at Tara's feet: "Her name is Tara Markov and she is little more than sixteen years old, and due to the fault of no one but herself, she is insane."