Type Game
Date 2021
  • Linux
Tags incremental game


Played the demo 2021-06-17.

A fun game, reminiscent of Idle Loops. Good for fans of incremental games. There are some moments that drag a bit, where there's not much to do but repeat the same thing for a few generations to overcome an obstacle, but there are often opportunities to tweak your actions to improve your results, and apply different strategies to maximize your gains.

Unlike most other idle games, you will not progress much–if at all–without actively playing the game. A single generation tends to be around half an hour, and you must interact by the end of each generation; only the earlier parts, which you've already completed several times, are automated. As you progress and complete a new action in several runs, it too becomes automated, so you can focus on just the newer content on each generation. A nice mechanic.

There's quite a bit of content already–nine chapters so far, which took me about 7 days of play time to get through once.

Name Role
Gniller Developer / Publisher