Type Story
Date 1920-05

The Statement of Randolph Carter

Randolph Carter and his associate Harley Warren visit an ancient cemetery on some exploratory mission. Warren descends into a tomb, communicating with Carter during the journey via a telephone wire he carries with him.

When he has gone on for some time, he says: "God! If you could see what I am seeing!" What is it? Something "terrible--monstrous--unbelievable!" If you wanted to know more than that, you're out of luck. Warren isn't saying: "I can’t tell you, Carter! It’s too utterly beyond thought—I dare not tell you—no man could know it and live—Great God! I never dreamed of THIS!"

Warren insists that Carter entrap him in the tomb and run away--it's too late to save him. Carter's further entreaties avail him nothing. In the ned, Carter hears a voice that is described as "deep; hollow; gelatinous; remote; unearthly; inhuman; disembodied" telling him: "YOU FOOL, WARREN IS DEAD!"

This exemplifies the problem with many early Lovecraft stories. Absolutely nothing of interest happens on stage. The characters just go "I dare not say" and refuse to explain anything to the reader, and then the story ends.

This story was, apparently, essentially a transcript of a dream with a little frame story added. Like any dream, it fails to have the same impact when recounted during the waking hours.

Character Type
Harley Warren Main
Randolph Carter Main
Name Role
H. P. Lovecraft Author