Type Story
Date 1920-06

The Doom That Came to Sarnath

Written on 3 Dec 1919 and first published in The Scot No. 44 in June 1920.

This one is a chore to read, with way too much useless description. A randomly-selected bit from the middle: "And in most of the palaces the floors were mosaics of beryl and lapis-lazuli and sardonyx and carbuncle and other choice materials, so disposed that the beholder might fancy himself walking over beds of the rarest flowers. And there were likewise fountains, which cast scented waters about in pleasing jets arranged with cunning art. Outshining all others was the palace of the kings of Mnar and of the lands adjacent."

After pages and pages of that drek, the city is destroyed. The End.

Name Role
H. P. Lovecraft Author