Type Game
Date 1998-04-24
  • Windows
Tags RPG

Ys Eternal


Substantial expansion and improvement of the original.

Improved graphics and audio. Opening town, Barbado, added. Overworld expanded.

Character Type
Adol Christin Main
Feena Sub
Reah Sub
Dark Fact Appearance
Goban Tovah Appearance
Jeba Tovah Appearance
Jenocres Appearance
Khonsclard Appearance
Nygtilger Appearance
Pictimos Appearance
Sara Tovah Appearance
Vagullion Appearance
Yogleks & Omulgun Appearance
Name Role
Nihon Falcom Corp. Developer / Publisher


Relation Sources
Contained in
Remake of
  • Ys II Eternal (2000-07-06)