Type Book
Date 2020
Pages 629
Tags nonfiction, Linux

Using and Administering Linux: Volume 1

From looking at the TOCs of all three volumes of this, this book won't teach much that the average linux user doesn't know, and the whole series is unlikely to teach anything unfamiliar to me. It might be nice if you know nothing about Linux and want a structured way to get started.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Introduction to Operating Systems

Chapter 3: The Linux Philosophy for SysAdmins

Chapter 4: Preparation

Chapter 5: Installing Linux

Chapter 6: Using the Xfce Desktop

Chapter 7: Using the Linux Command Line

Chapter 8: Core Utilities

Chapter 9: Data Streams

Chapter 10: Text Editors

Chapter 11: Working As Root

Chapter 12: Installing and Updating Software

Chapter 13: Tools for Problem Solving

Chapter 14: Terminal Emulator Mania

Chapter 15: Advanced Shell Topics

Chapter 16: Linux Boot and Startup

Chapter 17: Shell Configuration

Chapter 19: Filesystems

Name Role
Apress Media, LLC Publisher
David Both Author