Type Book
Date 1997
Pages 197
Series Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction and Fantasy (72)
Tags nonfiction, horror

Offensive Films


1: "One of Us"--Carnivalizing the Taboo

2: Fecal Phantoms--Oral and Anal Tensions in The Tingler

3: "There Never Was a Party Like This!" Blood Feast and the Primal Act of Cannibalism

4: "Where Life is Cheap"--Snuff in South America, Slaughter on Cielo Drive

5: "Once Upon a Time in Texas"--The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as an Inverted Fairy Tale

6: Exophagy and Exchange--Giving and Taking in the Green Inferno

7: Neo-Mondo--Recarnivalizing the Taboo

Name Role
Greenwood Press, Inc. Publisher
Mikita Brottman Author