Type Episode
Date 2018-10-16

Battle at the Goblin Village

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 3

  • Goblin Mura de no Tatakai
  • ゴブリン村での戦い

Rimuru defeats the wolves with overwhelming force, so they surrender to him and give him their loyalty. He instructs the goblins and wolves to live and work together, and gives names to all the goblins.

Not realizing this requires magical energy, he names only the leader of the dire wolves, Ranga, before collapsing. When he revives, he finds that the goblins' appearance has changed: granting names to monsters makes them more powerful. Ranga, too, has evolved into a stronger form of wolf, and with him his entire pack.

The goblins are not skilled enough to maintain their village, so Rimuru sets off with a few others for Dwargon, in search of skilled immigrants.

Character TypeName
Rimuru Tempest MainOkasaki Miho
Ranga SubKobayashi Chikahiro
Name RoleCharacter
Kobayashi Chikahiro Voice Actor
Okasaki Miho Voice Actor