Type Episode
Date 2018-10-09

Meeting the Goblins

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 2

  • Goblin-tachi to no Deai
  • ゴブリンたちとの出会い

Veldora renames Satoru "Rimuru", and Rimuru gives them the shared surname "Tempest". Rimuru absorbs Veldora in hopes of finding a way of freeing him from his prison.

Leaving the cave, Rimuru finds that Veldora's disappearance has caused a change in the balance of power in the surrounding area, as well as concerns in the nations of the world. He meets some goblins whose village is being threatened by dire wolves. Sensing his great power, the goblins entreat him to save their village.

Character TypeName
Rimuru Tempest MainOkasaki Miho
Veldora Tempest MainMaeno Tomoaki
Rigur SubIshiya Haruki
Rigurd SubYamamoto Kanehira
Name RoleCharacter
Ishiya Haruki Voice Actor
Maeno Tomoaki Voice Actor
Okasaki Miho Voice Actor
Yamamoto Kanehira Voice Actor