Type Book
Date 1986
Tags picture book, children's book, fiction

Welcome Back, Snow White

Disney Fun-to-Read Library

One day, the Seven Dwarfs receive a letter from the castle. It's from Snow White, letting them know that she'll be visiting. The dwarfs are very excited to see her, but their house is a mess! Will they be able to clean up in time for Snow White's visit?

The eleventh book in the Disney Fun-to-Read Library, Welcome Back, Snow White is about working together to accomplish something too difficult to do alone. When the dwarfs attempt to clean the house individually, they cause a bigger mess than they started with. But when they coordinate their efforts, they're able to get the job done and impress Snow White with their cooperation.

The art, as usual for these, is nice enough. It looks very like the film transferred to the page. Of course, what made Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs a great work of animation was the realistic, fluid quality of the movement--it's not enough for a book to copy its character designs. This book, like the others in this series, has high-quality art and decent writing, but it isn't a strong example of a picture book. For a picture book to be great, the art and text need to work together to form a greater whole. The art in Welcome Back, Snow White perfectly illustrates the scenes, but it doesn't do anything more than that. Of course, this is the quibble of an adult fan of literature--I don't think I had any complaints about these, twenty years ago.

Welcome Back, Snow White seems never to have been reprinted, but it is still readily available used. Though one must wonder about all the comments like "Minor shelf wear. Never read." that show up on Amazon--each a tiny tragedy!