Type Game
Date 1985
  • Commodore 64
Tags tower of hanoi

Pharao's Super Nadeln

Pharao's Super Nadeln! by Logicre is a 1985 Tower of Hanoi game.

This one's another simple Tower of Hanoi game, but it's got some nice features--a timer, selectable number of discs between two and nine, pretty colors, animation, and simple sound effects.

This one takes the crown from [Pharaoh's Needles]--the best Tower of Hanoi game so far. Of course, its title is 'Pharaoh's Super Needles', so that's to be expected, isn't it?

I realize that, by this point, I've been doing little more than briefly comparing games to earlier games, but there's only so many times I can review the Tower of Hanoi puzzle without simply repeating myself, so please forgive the less-than-self-contained reviews.

Name Role
Logicre Developer