Type Book
Date 1998-04-24
Pages 496
Series Star Trek: The Next Generation books
Tags trivia, nonfiction

The Complete Next Generation Trek IQ Book

Primarily trivia, with a few crossword puzzles, riddles, and other stuff thrown in. It's a sort of gamebook: each item correctly answered awards points (and doing well on certain sections awards a "special Starfleet award or commendation"), and the idea is that as you proceed through the book you total up your points and, upon reaching appropriate totals, you are granted a promotion to a rank ranging from ensign to admiral. A rather long-term project! The book helpfully provides a section at the back for recording your score for each episode, any commendations received, and the dates you attain each rank.

The book is arranged with a section for each episode, and it recommends that the questions be answered right after watching the corresponding episode. Not a bad idea, given that it contains questions like "What was the first item on the Administrator's desk during Riker's visit?" (answer: a bowl of fruit). I've seen the first episode of TNG a number of times, but couldn't bring the answer to mind.

This would probably be best as accompaniment to a project of rewatching the show, rather than reading the thing straight through or otherwise in large chunks. I'm happy to have it in my collection.

Name Role
Alan G. Rochussen Author
Boxtree Publisher