Type Game
Date 1995
  • TADS
Series IFComp 1995 (1, TADS Division)
Tags interactive fiction, fantasy, puzzle

Uncle Zebulon's Will

A fantasy game: your uncle Zebulon, a wizard, has died, and named you in his will. You may remove one item from his home--which your relatives have already picked clean of anything remotely valuable. Make the best of it!

UZW is a short series of fairly simple puzzles, but it's fun. For the most part, it's clear how to proceed, and just a little thought is required to solve the puzzles, when you come to them. I did find the puzzle involving a tomato to be non-obvious; the only thing hinting at it was a conspicuously useless item.

Coming to this game after years of more modern IF, I nearly forgot to make a save before an (obviously) irrevocable action. Happily, I caught myself in time. It's differences like these that make me interested in playing through old IF, in particular, so that was not a negative experience!

We'd expect more of a game that ranks first in the ifcomp, today, but it's clear why UZW did so well. It's full of character, and the puzzles are entertaining. Sadly, the promised sequel didn't materialize.

Uncle Zebulons Will, an Interactive Inheritance.
Release 1.0 / 950831

Copyright (c) 1995 by Magnus Olsson.  All rights reserved.
Entered in the First Annual IF Competition, 1995
Developed with TADS, the Text Adventure Development System.
Name Role
Magnus Olsson Author