Type Story
Date 2020-04-21
Tags drugs

Burning Love

In 1970, Elvis Presley meets with then-President Richard Nixon, and the two of them drop acid and take a secret trip to Vegas. Under the unifying influence of LSD, Nixon tells Elvis that he's like the son he never had, and Elvis proclaims that Nixon is like his twin brother, who died at birth and has been missing from his life all this time. The two even share a kiss. They do not meet again for seven years.

In 1977, Elvis is not content to keep quiet about the truth of their closeness that was revealed to them, back then, and he meets Nixon to tell him so. But Nixon's memoirs are to come out soon, and his political star might once more be on the rise. He can't afford such a scandal. So he places a phone call, and on August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley was dead--of a heart attack, it is said.

This story doesn't have anything going for it other than sheer incongruity.

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Elvis Presley Main
Richard Nixon Main
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Alison Gaylin Author


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