Type Game
Date 1995
  • Windows
Tags brain trainer


THINKfast is a tool for improving your brain:

It features six 'games' which test your reaction speed and simple decision-making. After each game, a report is given of your performance.

Game 1 simply requires that you press the DOWN key as soon as an image appears on screen.

Game 2 is similar, except that you must push LEFT or RIGHT depending on whether the lights appeared first on the left or right side of the screen.

In Game 3, this is expanded to four directions. You must press the arrow key corresponding to which side of the (red) square lights up. However, there is an additional wrinkle in this game: if the inner (blue) square lights up as well, you must hold SHIFT while pressing the arrow key.

In Game 4, you must quickly decide whether the word and image displayed match. Like the previous game, there is an additional complication: if a sound plays while the word and picture are shown, you must answer the opposite of the correct answer.

In Game 5, you must press the DOWN arrow key as soon as the figure appears on screen, but only if the outline appears before the filled-in shape.

In Game 6, you must quickly memorize a set of letters or symbols that appear on the screen, and then choose whether any of a second set of letters or symbols were contained in the first set.

Upon completing a set of tests, you can note anything you thought might have affected your performance, and then you will be shown some details.

Coincidentally, the patent for THINKfast expired today, 2020-03-04.

BrainTainment's website, The BrainTainment Center, is listed in What's New With NCSA Mosaic on Monday, 18 September 1995: "Free download of new brain game, THINKfast; Brainpower Bell Curves and free IQ test, left/right brain analysis, and updates on what's new for your brain."

Name Role
Barbara Adair Illustrator
BrainTainment Resources, Inc. Developer / Publisher
Clay Leeds Developer
Jeremy Knight Developer
Josh Reynolds Developer