Type Book
Date 2001-01-01
Pages 342
Tags urban fantasy, mystery, werewolves

Fool Moon

The Dresden Files

Dresden's been on the outs with Murphy after the events of the last book, but she calls him in on a case. There have been several brutal murders, and it looks like the culprit must be a werewolf.

There are several kinds of werewolf, though, each with its own dangers. And every sort of werewolf, inconveniently, is hanging around the city, looking suspicious, so it's not clear which--if any--of them is responsible for the murders.

By the time Dresden is through, he'll have faced all the wolves, allied with some, had a demon tease him with a secret from his past, resolved some inner conflicts, been arrested, shot, bitten, beaten, and more.

This book is an improvement on its predecessor in all respects, and I look forward to further improvement as the series goes along.

Name Role
Jim Butcher Author