Type Book
Date 1984-06
Pages 257
Tags fantasy, tragedy, fiction

To Reign in Hell

A reimagining of the revolt of Satan and the creation of the Earth.

In the beginning was chaos--cacoastrum--from which was formed the first Angel, Yahweh. As he fought for his existence, Satan was formed, then five other angels--the Firstborn. The seven built themselves a fortress against the cacoastrum--Heaven. And this was the First Wave.

As the cacoastrum surged, the walls of Heaven could not hold it back, and the angels were once again forced to fight for their lives. Heaven was expanded, and several hundred new angels were formed out of the cacoastrum as they fought--the archangels. And this was the Second Wave.

Once again the cacoastrum surged, and once again the angels fought. Heaven was further expanded, and many thousands more angels were formed. The Third Wave.

Thousands of days have passed since the last wave, and Yahweh presents a plan to Satan, to build a permanent bastion against the cacoastrum, so no more angels need fight and die in the waves. Satan agrees with the plan, but has misgivings about his role: to ensure that all the hosts of Heaven participate, whether they want to or not. He is uncertain that he--or anyone--has the right to force the angels to risk themselves against their will.

These doubts, and the treacherous actions of another angel, lead Satan into conflict with Yahweh, and the fate of all the angels--and the eventual creation of Earth--hangs in the balance.

An excellent book.

Name Role
Roger Zelazny Foreword
Steven Brust Author