Type Book
Date 2014-07-01
Pages 119
Series Boss Fight Books (4)
Tags nonfiction, games


A semi-autobiographical book of trivia about Galaga. Most of it is the kind of thing that clutters up Wikipedia articles and fansites. For example:

Former Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis, one of the greatest linebackers to ever play football, has a Galaga arcade machine in one of his homes (along with Galaxian and Pac-Man). He is partial to it because he grew up playing it.

Mixed in with these are anecdotes from the author's childhood, which are generally more interesting than the Galaga trivia. That's not great compensation, though, considering I bought the book for Galaga, not Michael Kimball.

Name Role
Boss Fight Books Publisher
Michael Kimball Author


Relation Sources
  • Galaga (1981-09)