Type Episode
Date 1967-09-29


The Prisoner 1x01

A man--apparently a spy--resigns from his position. He is then abducted and taken to a place called only The Village, and given a number: six. He is told that he is there so that those in control of The Village can be sure of his loyalties and why he has resigned. He attempts to escape, first by walking away, then by stealing a helicopter. In the first instance his is stopped by some kind of large balloon which has previously been shown as an enforcement tool. In the second, the helicopter is shown to be controlled remotely, and after he is allowed to take it up briefly, it is returned to the ground.

While in the hospital following his first escape attempt, he meets an acquaintance of his, Cobb--another spy. After Number Six is examined, an alarm sounds, and Cobb is gone; he has, apparently, leapt out a window to his death. It is at Cobb's funeral that he meets a woman who enables him to make his second escape attempt. We are shown that Cobb--who is not dead--was working against Number Six, and the woman was a pawn in the effort.

Character TypeName
Number Six MainPatrick McGoohan
Cobb SubPaul Eddington
Number Two SubGeorge Baker
Number Two SubGuy Doleman
The Woman SubVirginia Maskell
Name RoleCharacter
David Tomblin Author
    Don Chaffey Director
      George Baker Actor
      George Markstein Author
        Guy Doleman Actor
        Patrick McGoohan Actor
        Paul Eddington Actor
        Virginia Maskell Actor