Type Comic
Date None (1941-08)

The Radioactive Man

A scientist, Brett Bryson, working on radium experiments at Chalmers Laboratories, is seemingly killed in an explosion. Later, a mysterious ghost-like radioactive man commits robberies, and because he is unaffected by bullets, it is suspected that he is Superman. In fact, it is Bryson. Following the explosion, he had miraculous powers, but only a week to live, so Chalmers convinced him to commit robberies to gather money to support his soon-to-be widow. In truth, Chalmers caused the explosion on purpose so that Bryson could steal for him, and had no intention of giving the money to Bryson's wife. Bryson kills Chalmers and then dies, and Superman's name is ultimately cleared.

Supermen of America

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Character Type
Superman Main
Lois Lane Sub
Name Role
Jerry Siegel Author
Leo Nowak Inker / Penciller


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