Type Comic
Date None (1941-07)
Pages 12
Tags hypnotism

Radio Control

A number of otherwise honest citizens have been committing crimes, while apparently unaware of what they are doing. Even Lois is caught up in it, helping to ship off the stolen money. It turns out that Harold Morton, "prominent psychologist and radio wizard" has hidden receivers in the homes of these people, and hypnotized them overnight to do his dirty work. Superman hypnotizes Morton in return, apparently merely by exerting his will, and causes Morton to confess to his misdeeds, thus clearing the good names of Lois and Clark, who had both been under suspicion (as well, presumably, as everyone else involved).

Character Type
Superman Main
Lois Lane Sub
Name Role
Ed Dobrotka Inker
Jerry Siegel Author
Leo Nowak Penciller


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