Type Comic
Date None (1940-11)


Lois and Clark are sent to interview George Lash, prosecuting attorney (and smug jerk). Lash reveals that he is about to prosecute Moran, Billings, and Norton, "three of Metropolis' most savage racketeers".

I like Lois, here.

Lash's estranged wife is murdered, and signs to to Lash being the culprit, but Superman saw some of the frame-job happening, so he sets out to clear Lash's name. Ultimately, Superman tricks Norton into believing that he had touched some poison ivy, and Norton confesses to the murder in order to get some help for his itching hands. It was all a trick, though. Says Clark: "Evidently Superman subjected you to some applied psychology!" At any rate, Lash is proved innocent.

Character Type
Lois Lane None
Superman Main
Name Role
Jerry Siegel Author
Wayne Boring Inker / Penciller


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