Type Comic
Date 1941-04-17 (1941-06)

Introducing Doiby Dickles

  • Meet Doiby Dickles

When Irene is attacked while carrying plans for an improved radio transmitter, derby-wearing cabbie Doiby Dickles defends her from the assault. Later, when she is kidnapped, he has a Green Lantern costume made up so he can attempt to rescue her (as he believes that the real Green Lantern has been killed). GL is impressed by Dickles's bravery, and offers to work with Doiby henceforth:

The narration there is pretty explicit: they wanted some comic relief, and Doiby is going to be it.

Character Type
Doiby Dickles None
Irene Miller None
Green Lantern Main
Name Role
Bill Finger Author
Martin Nodell Penciller


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