Type Comic
Date 1941-02-20
Pages 13

The Guybart Gold Mine

An elderly couple come to the newspaper for advice. Do people do that? They are short on funds and someone is offering to buy some--apparently--worthless stock in a dried-up gold mine from them for a substantial sum, and they wish to know whether they should accept the offer. Suspecting that there is more to this offer than meets the eye, Lois promises to investigate.

It turns out that the mine is indeed worthless--but it was being used by the owner of another mine to hide stolen gold. Lois gives the reward for the capture of the thief to the elderly couple.

Lois and Clark seem a bit more friendly toward one another in this story, I believe.

The Supermen of America column extols the virtues of the American Way in contrast to the way of 'dictator-ridden nations'.

Character Type
Lois Lane Main
Superman Main
Name Role
Jerry Siegel Author
Joe Shuster Penciller


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