Type Comic
Date 1939-11-15
Pages 24
Tags orphanage

Superman and the Runaway

We see a boy running away from an orphanage. Tired, hungry, and overheated, he collapses on a train track. Luckily, Clark spots him on his way to work, and Superman is just in time to rescue him. The boy, Frankie, reveals that the superintendent of the orphanage beats, works, and starves the children there. Clark returns him to the orphanage to act as a spy, and later he and Lois go there to investigate. The superintendent manages to hide his crimes from the reporters, but Superman visits later that night, and spots the superintendent looking at his account books. Superman realizes that the superintendent has been grafting on the food bill. Lois, too, was worried, and returns to the orphanage to spy. She catches the superintendent whipping Frankie, intervenes, and is locked in the attic. The superintendent then grabs all his cash, sets fire to the building, and runs. Fortunately, Superman is in time to rescue everyone and catch him.

Character Type
Superman Main
Lois Lane Sub
Name Role
Dennis Neville Inker
Jerry Siegel Author
Joe Shuster Letterer / Penciller


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