Type Comic
Date 1938-10 (1938-09-06)
Pages 9

Superman and The Dam

The Valleyho dam is in danger of bursting. It's a big story, so the editor intends to send Clark Kent to cover it. Kent's not in, but Lois is available.

This is no job for a girl! Well, Lois is pretty pissed off by that, so she sends Clark off on a wild goose chase and heads out to cover the story herself. When Clark makes it back to the offices of the Daily Star, the editor fires him for the screw-up.

Clark, as Superman, heads out for Valleyho to try to stop the dam from bursting, at least until after everyone has evacuated. Lois, caring more for the story than her life, heads in the opposite direction of the fleeing masses, intent on reaching the dam. The dam eventually bursts, and Superman is only just able to rescue Lois from the flood.

Lois, suitably impressed by the heroics, falls for Superman. Of course, this makes Clark seem even worse by comparison.

Lois's internal monologue doesn't pull any punches, eh? Not that what she says is so kind, either...

Character Type
Superman Main
Lois Lane Sub
Name Role
Jerry Siegel Author
Joe Shuster Inker / Penciller


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