Type Comic
Date 1937-02-25
Pages 13
Tags fiction

The Streets Of Chinatown

Slam Bradley (1937-03)

Freelance sleuth Slam Bradley enjoys a good fight, and seems to spend his evenings battling hordes of 'celestials' beneath the streets of Chinatown. He's called away by the police, who have a job for him--to protect a wealthy young lady's pet poodle. He's furious that he was called for this, and refuses the job. Later, the woman is kidnapped, and Slam leaps to her rescue. With a little help from his sidekick, Shorty, Slam defeats the evil Chinese men who had held the woman captive and frees her.

This one is thirteen pages, like The Claws Of The Red Dragon, but it's much better. For all that it's a better story, though, it's not without problems. It's a pretty stereotypical Yellow Peril story, and the hero is a huge jerk, much like Bart Regan, the hero of Siegel and Shuster's other story in this issue. Shorty provides some comic relief, but he's pretty bland and uninteresting. I've got to say that I prefer Bart Regan, Spy to Slam Bradley.

Character Type
Shorty Morgan Main
Slam Bradley Main
Name Role
Jerry Siegel Author
Joe Shuster Inker / Penciller


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