Type Comic
Date 1937-02-25
Pages 6
Tags fiction

The Bar S Rustlers

Buck Marshall, Range Detective (1937-03)

Another six page mystery. Buck is called to investigate cattle theft. Buck, using a false name, takes a job at the Bar S ranch, and investigates. He sees through the rustlers' trickery and, with the help of the sheriff, subdues the criminals.

This story could be pretty good, but it, like the others, suffers from its short length. Buck reveals the criminals' plan, but we didn't actually see it before he does so. So, we can't have any opportunity to guess at what was really happening, and Buck's explanation of the events doesn't hold much interest. I've no reason to care how a trick works if I don't see it work, myself.

Character Type
Buck Marshall Main
Name Role
Homer William Fleming Author / Inker / Penciller


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