Type Comic
Date 1937-02-25 (1937-03)
Pages 13

The Claws Of The Red Dragon

A man, Nelson, comes across a Chinese restaurant, situated, unusually, among office buildings. But the service is terrible! And those Chinese people are so creepy! He makes a nuisance of himself, then is heroically captured by the villains, along with two other diners. To be continued...

Thirteen pages. It's twice as long as the previous stories, but no more happens in it. Instead, we are witness to the tedium of a man waiting in a restaurant with slow service, who imagines that the waiters are secretly evil. It doesn't matter that it's true. The story is still bad. There is some mystery with the other diner having the same kind of ring as Nelson, and of course we don't really know what the villains are going to do with their captives, but it'd take a heroic effort to rescue this story from being utterly dull.

Our hero.
Character Type
Bruce Nelson Main
Name Role
Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson Author
Tom Hickey Inker / Penciller


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