Type Comic
Date 1937-02-25
Pages 6
Tags fiction

The Peruvian Mine Murders Part 1

Brett Lawton (1937-03)

Author unknown.

Some men, working at a mine in Peru, have been killed under mysterious circumstances. Bret Lawton, ace international detective, is called in to investigate. A 'mysterious Inca priest', with 'hatred and malice in his cruel eyes', shows up on the last page. Is he the murderer? We'll find out next month, it seems.

Yet again, a six page story--counting the full page title image. And once again, the story is too short to be interesting. It would probably not be worth reading this issue of Detective Comics at all, except out of historical interest, but I do think it's worthwhile to see how comics have changed, over the last 75 years. For example, I'd be very surprised to see anything like this panel in a modern comic:

Character Type
Bret Lawton Main
Name Role
Creig Flessel Inker / Penciller


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