Type Episode
Date 1994-10-17

The Birth of the Legendary Magic Knights

Magic Knight Rayearth 1

  • Densetsu no Magic Knight Shidou
  • 伝説のマジックナイト始動

Three girls, Shidou Hikaru, Ryuuzaki Umi, and Hououji Fuu, are (separately) on class field trips to Tokyo Tower when they are summoned by Princess Emeraude to become the legendary magic knights and save Cephiro. Emeraude has been imprisoned by the high priest Zagato, and uses the last of her strength to summon them. They are transported from Tokyo Tower in a flash of light, and find themselves falling through the air, only to land on a flying fish that was summoned by Clef. He tells them what is expected of them, but quickly sends them away when they are attacked by Alcyone, a subordinate of Zagato.

Alcyone bypasses Clef, and Zagato attacks him from a distance, while he is distracted, turning him to stone. When Alcyone catches up the three girls, Hikaru is able to use the magic abilty bestowed on them by Clef to fend her off.

Character TypeName
Hououji Fuu MainKasahara Hiroko
Ryuuzaki Umi MainYoshida Konami
Shidou Hikaru MainShiina Hekiru
Alcyone SubAmano Yuri
Clef SubSasaki Nozomu
Emeraude SubOgata Megumi
Zagato SubKosugi Juurouta
Name RoleCharacter
Amano Yuri Voice Actor
Kasahara Hiroko Voice Actor
Kosugi Juurouta Voice Actor
Ogata Megumi Voice Actor
Sasaki Nozomu Voice Actor
Shiina Hekiru Voice Actor
Yoshida Konami Voice Actor