Type ShortStory
Date 2009
Pages 22
Tags guns

Definitional Chaos

A man is taking a train to deliver funds to pay for a hotel to be used for a convention. Unexpectedly, the concom has arranged for his crazy ex-girlfriend to go with him for extra safety. By the end, she has drugged him (and herself), pulled his own gun on him, and threatened to leave with the cash. Before all this goes down, the two discuss what someone of each alignment (chaotic good, etc.) would do with the money in their situation.

It's an okay story, but it's a little hard to read it without being disturbed by the fact that they guy was chosen to haul the cash because he's prepared to carry several loaded guns across state lines, and he thinks it's a dandy idea to get drunk, 'taking the edge off', which, of course he follows up by waving his gun around. There's no anti-gun or even pro-sanity message in the story--the gun stuff is just in there like there's no problem with what's going on.

Name Role
Scott Westerfeld Author


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