Type Story
Date 1976-05
Tags Contact 1 Challenge

Death is Only a Parting

This is a submission to the writing contest from the first issue of Contact.

Kirk falls in love with and is married to an empath, Sandra Pendrake--Sandy. Though Kirk has no telepathic abilities himself, he has become "'psionically attuned' from his various experiences with such creatures/entities as Sargon" as well has by melding with Spock. So, as a wedding gift, Spock offers to psychically bond Kirk and Sandy to allow them to truly share themselves with one another. Kirk accepts, and the two are deliriously happy. Then an accident occurs on a routine mission, and Sandy is dying, painfully, and taking Kirk with her. So Spock unbonds them and comforts Kirk.

Character Type
James T. Kirk Main
Spock Main
Name Role
Amy Falkowitz Author


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