Type Story
Date 1971-08
Tags horror

The Price of a Handful of Snowflakes

Spock is in a comatose state following a dangerous event. The decision is made to transfer him permanently off-ship for care. Before he is sent away, he awakens--mentally alert, but physically trapped in an unresponsive body. Nurse Chapel notices this--but says nothing. Instead, she arranges to transfer off the ship with him to care for him; if she cannot have Spock as a lover, then she will have him as a prisoner. She hides the evidence of his recovery from others, until, in a fit of conscience, she calls in a Vulcan healer who will be able to help him. It is not selfless, however: she knows that despite what she has done to him, Spock will feel an obligation toward her for enabling his eventual recovery.

Character Type
Christine Chapel Main
Spock Main
Name Role
M. L. Barnes Author


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