Type Book
Date 1975-11
Pages 83
Series Star Trek fanzines
Tags anthology, fiction



  • ed. routinely misspells title as FISBIN, FIZZBIN, etc.
  • "Blish must die", p.5
  • "Tomi-an", the first MST? Regrettably, it's a story that deserves it.
  • "The Muddle With Minions", an amusing parody
  • "Crawford's Fancy", also bad. Are we meant to think Crawford a lovable rogue and be amused by his wordplay? Anyway, no good.
  • "Divergent Cultures", amusing, though it overstay its welcome a bit.
  • "Sand", almost a good idea, but not well executed.

Regarding the first note, the editors indicate that they will not, in fact, edit any stories, though they will add footnotes as they deem appropriate. And tying in with the fourth note: there are footnotes on each story, generally making fun of the writing. So a whole book of 'the first MST, perhaps'.

Index entries

Term Location
Star Trek, James Blish, fannish opinion of 5
Name Role
Marie Crout Editor
Mary Ann Sibley Editor


Disintegrata 1
We the Editor 4
Tomi-An 6
Muddle with Minions 17
Crawford's Fancy 20
Divergent Cultures 32
For the World is Sand and I Have Seen the Stars 34
Porno Corner: Sulu Enslaved 43
So Long, Jimmy 46
A Poem 61
The World Beyond or Summer Camp Enterprise 62
Serial: Menkalinan Calling 67
Security Report 79
Inner Circe 82
What People Say About* Fizbin back cover
Footnotes everywhere
Cartoons likewise