Type Periodical
Pages 98

Interphase #1

Interphase #1 (1975-07)


  • "this issue is respectfully dedicated to ruth berman for innumerable kindnesses"
  • ed: this zine uses material from the canceled "That Which Survives"
  • "The Hunted and the Hunters", a rather nice story. Sulu shows great concern for upholding the prime directive, but still integrates into a primitive tribe. Satisfying.
  • several short Kirk stories matched to illos (rather than the reverse)
  • "Remote Control", a script by Lichtenberg which was the progenitor of Kraith. The logical Vulcan music and focus on telepathy and Vulcan culture certainly match up.
  • zine reviews: One Trek Mind #2, Energize! #1, Rigel #1, Showcase #2
Name Role
Connie Faddis Editor


Relation Sources
  • One Trek Mind 2 (1975)
  • Showcase 2 (1975)
  • Rigel 1 (1975-01)
  • Energize! (1975-02)