Type Periodical
Pages 74

Masiform D #4

Masiform D #4 (1975-04)


  • "Free Luna" and "The Galactic Federation"--from Moon is a Harsh Mistress? [yes]
  • Joking comparison of fanzines to revolutionary pamphleteers
  • Another dimension with a female Spock--T'Pok

Editorial--jokingly--compares publishers of fanzines to revolutionary pamphleteers.

Letter from Lee Burwasser praises the Klingons: "In a world being continually saved for (democracy, communism, Christianity, civilization, all of the above, none of the above) it's refreshing to contemplate men who went out and conquered the world because they damned well felt like it."

Letter from Wendy Lindboe with more things not to put into a story.

Name Role
Carolyn Sue Hillard Letter
Devra Michele Langsam Editor
Lee Burwasser Letter
Wendy Lindboe Letter


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