Type Book
Date 1980-01
Pages 206
Series Star Trek books
Tags nonfiction, trivia

The Official Star Trek Trivia Book

This book is 150 pages of, primarily, exhaustingly unimportant trivia. For example, question 433 (of 703):

Gary Seven's mission on Earth is to help Terrans to mature into peaceful people. What is his street address?

Answer: "811 East 68th Street, Apt. 12B."

There are plenty of more interesting, or at least more memorable, questions, but enough of them are dull that it's a chore rather than a delight to complete the book--which I did, to my regret. Each question is worth a number of points, and your point totals for each chapter, and the book overall, entitle you to a ranking between Slime Devil and Organian. My scores, by chapter:

  1. 20 - Tribble
  2. 22 - Klingon
  3. 33 - Romulan
  4. 102 - Romulan
  5. 14 - Klingon
  6. 34 - Tribble
  7. 19 - Tribble
  8. 26 - Klingon
  9. 30 - Klingon
  10. 14 - Tribble
  11. 8 - Tribble
  12. 21 - Klingon
  13. 7 - Slime Devil
  14. 25 - Tribble

A grand total of 375 out of 2562 possible points (14%), making my overall ranking Tribble (the second lowest). I've seen every episode of Trek at least twice and I've read scores of Trek books. I'm totally satisfied with getting one in ten points for trivia of this level of triviality.

This book is just not worth it, even if you are a fan of trivia. Even if the trivia itself were more interesting, it'd be tedious to go through the whole book. Never mind the whole book, some individual chapters are much too long already. The chapters are themed, but there's no interesting way to do a little at a time. The Complete Next Generation Trek IQ Book, which is very sensibly divided by episode, handles this much better.

Name Role
Pocket Books Publisher
Rafe Needleman Author