Type Game
Date 2016-12-08
  • Windows
Tags platformer, Project: platformers, Project: platformers [todo]


'Piximalism' is, I suppose, a portmanteau of 'pixel' and 'minimalism'. Certainly it gets the second part right: the game lasts less than two minutes, containing only seven levels, each very brief and very easy. There is no music. There are no sound effects. There is not so much as a 'game over' or 'you win' screen; if you die, the level immediately restarts, and if you complete all seven levels, it just loops back to the first level.

The controls are atrocious. Even ignoring the unpleasantly floaty jumps, the movement is implemented incompetently. Standing on a moving platform causes you to move with the platform--but somewhat faster, so you must fight back in the direction you came from lest you slide right off it. When you're not moving unintentionally, you're likely to be stuck in place. You can catch on some bits of walls, and once I got stuck atop a spike, and could neither jump nor run nor even die.

Name Role
Shevchenko Technology Developer
iwgg Publishing Publisher