Type Book
Date 1980-02
Pages 222
Series Star Trek books
Tags nonfiction, Star Trek

Chekov's Enterprise: A Personal Journal of the Making of Star Trek - The Motion Picture

In the words of the author, the book is "fast reading, entertaining, informative". I've previously read a number of books in this vein:

So, a book from an actor's perspective rounds things out nicely. It's a diary, so it's a series of anecdotes, reflections from Koenig on how the film is going or on the craft of acting, and generally his personal feelings during those months. A pleasant read.


  • 9, Ellison on stars and cops
  • 11, Koenig wrote a TV film
  • 13-16, the cast observe the real Enterprise
  • 38, the engineering set used forced perspective, actors of specific heights
  • 50, Nicholls's work with NASA
  • 65, Nimoy was in talks about Interview with a Vampire
  • 67, Koenig helps fans sneak in
  • 92-94, Battlestar Galactica
Name Role
Pocket Books Publisher
Walter Koenig Author


Relation Sources
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