Type Movie
Date 2003-04-25
Tags thriller, mystery, closed circle


A murder mystery, like And Then There Were None, with the twist that the whole thing is occurring in the mind of a madman, and all the people are his multiple personalities, fighting for dominance and being killed off, as part of his treatment.

However, this is not the big reveal of the film. Or, if it is, the film takes little notice of it, and carries on for a few minutes afterward. It's a bit unsatisfying: "It was all a dream! But let's keep going for a while, anyway..."

The movie ends with a twist, but it's a pretty lame one. A young child (a creepy child--he's silent throughout) turns out to be the real murderer, despite a couple of the other personalities being killers as well. During the film, the child and another woman go away, and are presumed to be killed, but it happens off camera. At that point, I predicted that the child was the killer--and this was before it was revealed that they were all imaginary. So, the movie goes on, and right at the end we see the child, and it's revealed that he's the killer. Roll credits.

How unsatisfying this film was!

Character TypeName
Edward "Ed" Dakota MainJohn Cusack
Ginny Virginia MainClea DuVall
Lou Isiana MainWilliam Lee Scott
Paris Nevada MainAmanda Peet
Samuel Rhodes SubRay Liotta
Name RoleCharacter
Amanda Peet Actor
Clea DuVall Actor
James Mangold Director
    John Cusack Actor
    Ray Liotta Actor
    William Lee Scott Actor


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    • Dylan Farley