Type Periodical
Date 1968-09
Pages 103
Series Garlic Press/Poison Pen Press/Amanita Press [fanlore] (4, 34, 49, 62, 72)

Spockanalia 3

Spockanalia #3 (1968-09-01)

The lettercol is a letter from Gene Roddenberry, dated 24 April 1968, in which he writes:

SPOCKANALIA is "required reading" for everyone in our offices, and I am most distressed that you were not told of this before. We have used all the extra copies to make sure that every new writer, and anyone who makes decisions on show policy have read your fanzine, and Juanita Coulson's ST-PHILE. The reason for this is that if we all understand what the fans see in the show, and try to understand why they are fans at all, we can then continue to hold those fans. Certain fanzines, and yours is one of them, have a mature and well-written format that is very instructive to our staff.

Name Role
Devra Michele Langsam Editor
Sherna C. Burley Editor


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