Type Movie
Date 1940-10-15
Tags comedy

The Great Dictator

The best part, probably, is the speech Chaplin gives at the end of the film. It's just as good now as it was in 1940, when the world was at war. It was actually that speech that made me want to see the film--I'd seen a video that someone created with that speech overlaid on some other video clips and images, and I though I might like to see where it came from. It was worth it, though most of the movie just didn't have as much impact, due to the passing of years. Still, the portrayal of the soldiers as thugs and ruffians and the portrayal on Hitler as a crazy person with Goebbels pulling his strings was nice. And, I think the spech at the end did make it all worthwhile.

Character TypeName
Adenoid Hynkel NoneCharlie Chaplin
Benzino Napaloni NoneJack Oakie
Hannah NonePaulette Goddard
The Barber NoneCharlie Chaplin
Name RoleCharacter
Charlie Chaplin Director / Author / Actor
Jack Oakie Actor
Paulette Goddard Actor