Type Movie
Date 1964-01-22
Tags war


Very good. In particular, the film does a good job of communicating the uncertainty of the characters to the viewers. Why has the attack stopped? What are they doing now? The characters don't know, and neither do we. Well done.

The Wikipedia article on the film discusses how the film deviates from the actual history.

The film opens on a mass wedding ceremony.
By the end of the film, the officers ("a chap ought to look smart in front of the men") are showing signs of the battle.
The film ends on not so triumphant a note, with Chard standing alone among the dead.
Character TypeName
Colour Segeant Frank Bourne NoneNigel Green
Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead NoneMichael Caine
Lieutenant John Chard NoneStanley Baker
Margareta Witt NoneUlla Jacobsson
Private Henry Hook NoneJames Booth
Reverend Otto Witt NoneJack Hawkins
Name RoleCharacter
Cy Endfield Director
    Jack Hawkins Actor
    James Booth Actor
    John Prebble Screenwriter
      Michael Caine Actor
      Nigel Green Actor
      Stanley Baker Actor
      Ulla Jacobsson Actor